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Royal Caribbean Cruise Personaliser

• Beach and/or Water-Related Activities – You’ll discover everything from an unwinding day at a disconnected shoreline to dynamic undertakings like whitewater rafting. Look over glass-base vessel visits, sentimental dusk travels, remote ocean angling, kayaking and the sky is the limit from there. Read more →

The Fly Cruise Package

For many years when we have gone on vacation we have normally booked a “package”. This normally includes that cost of the air fare, the cost of the accommodation and probably the transfers between the airport and hotel both going there and coming home.

Of course some other people did book the flight and the hotel room separately but it was normally cheaper to do it all together. Read more →

Cruise Ship Or Cruise Liner

We seem to have come to use the terms cruise ship and cruise liner as synonymous these days but that is not what they started life out as.

A cruise ship is basically one which provides a journey for pleasure. It is a whole experience where the on-board daily activities and the evening dining and entertainment form a major part of the pleasure. Read more →

Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise line vacations are currently available as Western Mediterrannean cruises as well as in the Eastern waters as well. We want to tell you about their liners, where they sail from and about some of the fantastic places that you will visit.

At present there are seven great ships which operate in this area. They are all 21st century boats as they have all been either built or refurbished recently. Read more →

4 Ideas To Get A Free Cruise

If you are anything like I used to be, maybe you would love to go on a cruise but you cannot afford it. That is when I started to investigate any ways that I could get a free cruise.

Here are four ideas that I came across. Read more →

Celebrity Cruise Ships – Are They Worth It?

What happens on celebrity cruise ships is that a certain celebrity will be aboard a cruise liner and you are able to join them for your vacation.

Of course they do not only travel on Western Mediterranean cruises in Europe, you can join them in most parts of the world. They are probably most popular around the Caribbean. Read more →

A Cruise Can Be Good For Your Health

We have all seen old films centered around exotic cruises I am sure. From these did you get the feeling that a cruise was not good for your health?

I certainly felt that way as all I ever saw were people drinking and eating non stop for the majority of the day when they were not either lounging around on the sun deck or on some far off tropical beach. It is impossible to say that any of those activities are healthy. Read more →