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About the Miami Cruise Port

The Miami cruise port is considered the busiest cruise port from United States, with a traveler load of almost 4.000.000 each year. The popularity of all these cruise has shown no sign whatsoever of tapering off, and the trend in vessels is increasing, more luxury cruise ships. Typically all-inclusive, cruise trips will provide a lot of value as well as simplicity comparing with any other vacation options. Most of the vessels bound to the Caribbean islands will be cruising in a weekly basis from Miami port. There relatively quite cheap, can be reserved without any advance notice, and will make for a wonderful trip.

The Miami port is located pretty close to the downtown of Miami, but the most well known pre- and post-cruise destination in Miami is considered to be South Beach (located at about ten-minute ride from the Miami port), because of being located rather close to the port as well as the fact that it is a relatively quite small area full of hotels, beaches, restaurants, bars or nightlight. If you are just in the look for a quick stay over night, probably your best bet might be one of the downtown-area hotels, which are nearest to the Miami port. The only two that are recommended, however, are the Biscayne Bay Marriott, which is located five minute away, and the Hotel Inter-Continental Miami, which is at around a block from the port. For shopping or food, Bayside Marketplace is located within a walking distance of the cruise port. A ride to and from the airport will cost around $23 and a ride to and from South Beach will be around $10.

3-Day Cruises from Miami

Advantages for Three-Day Cruises from Miami

So why should you choose to go on a 3-day Miami cruise? As you may already thought, there are several advantages. If you are one of those people who does not get to have long periods of time for a vacation, but has weekends off, this may be the ideal option. Three-day Miami cruises will normally happen on weekends. This is also pretty great if you are still in school and will want to have plenty of fun in weekends. It is quite a practical way for spending your entire weekend and you do not have to prepare too much.

If you wish to get away from all the hassle from the city life, three-day cruises from Miami may be your best option. You will be able to spend several days relaxing with your close ones as they offer one of the best alternatives for last minute cruises.

Most people out there who will prefer three-day cruises from Miami are from the working class group, since they generally do not have the luxury of taking too long cruise vacations. If you are at your first cruise, 3-day cruises from Miami are the perfect way to see if cruising is for you.

Letting aside these reasons, another great advantage of taking 3-day cruises from Miami will be the costs. They generally offer among the cheapest ways to have your holidays on board a cruise ship.

Even those certain people who will be having a full-time job need to be at their office all the time will still find three days to spend on a weekend. You not need to miss very long from your work. Most cruise vessels will depart at around 17.00, so you will only be needing to take a few hours off work to be able to board the vessel in time. At the same time, three-day cruises from Miami will generally return early Monday morning at around 07.00.

Cruise trips do not have to really take an entire week from your time or take too much from your bank account. You may save money by embarking on 3-day Miami cruises for less than a few hundreds of dollars. You can also stretch your dollar even further by skipping some of the most expensive shore trips and instead you can take advantage of the many activities which are normally provided by cruise companies.

General Aspects About Miami Cruises

Most short cruises (of 3 and 4 days) are quite well-equipped for gambling. The casino will open when the cruise ship is clear from the United States waters – normally after about forty five minutes. Generally, four full-size meals will be served each day, with portions so large they are quite impossible to be finished. Movies, games and several on board fun activities will ensure you will be always busy. Guests can embark up to two hours before the ship will depart for games, meals or cocktails.

The cruise companies and the vessels listed available from the Miami cruise port will generally provide 3-, 4- and 7-night cruise trips to the Caribbean islands, Key West, Bahamas, as well as many other longer cruise routes which often may change.

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